Technical advantages of full liposome analysis

        Lipids are important biological constituents. The full liposome analysis service of Taiwan Life is the expert who understands this information. The full liposome analysis service of the living body of Taiwan is based on the exclusive agent of Lipotype GmbH of Germany, and the global "machine gun" high-throughput lipid measurement technology, combined with the "lipid biological interpretation platform" developed by the living body, will be measured. Full liposomes confer physiological and pathological significance.

        Germany's Lipotype GmbH, the world's "bore gun" mass spectrometer, high-throughput lipid measurement technology, was developed by Professor Kai Simons of Max Plank Institute in Germany and Dr. Andrej Shevchenko. A few of the world's fastest high-throughput rapid lipid assays are available. "Machine gun" mass spectrometer, high-throughput lipid measurement technology, can be used to quantify the sample within a few minutes. This unique global technology has become the world's first truly commercial company for full liposome measurement.

        By introducing a unique workflow, the original solution was improved by combining mass spectrometry technology with proprietary software to become an effective and conventional "gun-type" mass spectrometer technology. Our multidisciplinary team of experts in biology, chemistry, mechanics and informatics has been trained for many years in the world's unique lipid test at the Max Plank Institute in Germany.

What is the vision of a full liposome for living organisms?

        In the future, the living system will be able to use the "machine gun" mass spectrometer and high-throughput lipid measurement technology to develop an unprecedented clinical biomarker. This will be the basis for innovative new products in different fields, including multiple diagnostics, drug development, nutrition, cosmetics or industrial biotechnology.

        The services of Taiwan Active Lipid Co., Ltd. will provide customers with unparalleled tools to develop products with significant competitive advantages.

Provides unique lipid analysis services from cells, microorganisms, cultured cells, tissues and organs. The advantage is a wide range of lipid coverage (nearly 30 lipid classes, 2,300 absolute quantitative lipids), small samples (eg 100.000 cells), and only two weeks of delivery time gives you comprehensive statistical analysis and data results.