Company Profile


What is T-BAL?

        Taiwan-BioActive Lipid (T-BAL) is the first company in Taiwan to provide full lipid metabolomics measurement services. High-end "Shotgun LC-MS/MS" technology developed by the exclusive distributor of Lipotype GmbH Ltd. of Germany, which is fully "high-through" Analysis of lipid metabolomics. This technological advantage is far ahead of the global peers.

        In addition to the exclusive analysis technology of Lipotype GmbH Ltd., T-BAL's exclusive "all-lipid big data analysis" service and the "cross-data platform" genomic data concatenation service enrich the connotation of precision medicine.

Who is T-BAL?

        T-BAL members are a group of biomedical scientists who love biomedicine and strive to promote a new generation of cross-disciplinary, cross-platform and precision medicine. In the era of genomic detection, T-BAL serves to provide accurate health testing, define accurate health indicators, and provide a full range of accurate health guidance.

How does T-BAL become a military?

        Precision medicine is currently the main connotation for the use of next-generation sequencing technology for whole-genome detection. However, in the physiological and pathological state, the organism exhibits body functions and states in the form of actual metabolites (metabolomics). At present, the biggest difficulty in measuring total metabolomics is that the detection platform is not precise and accurate. To this end, T-BAL's founder, Lipotype GmbH Ltd., a German global lipid measurement specialist, was introduced to Taiwan to exclusively represent Lipotype GmbH's full lipid measurement service.

        In addition, T-BAL brings together bioinformatics and top scientists in drug synthesis and analytical chemistry to form a strong team.