Technical advantages


        The "machine gun" high-throughput lipid measurement technology was developed by Lipotype GmbH, Kai Simons and Dr. Andrej Shevchenko from Germany. It can quantify hundreds of lipids in a few minutes. A truly high-throughput and fast total lipid assay. By introducing a unique workflow, the original method was improved to combine mass spectrometry technology with proprietary software to become an effective and conventional "gun-type" mass spectrometer technology.

        The "machine gun" high-throughput lipid measurement technology provides a wide range of membrane lipids and storage lipids. The analysis included lipid classes in nearly 30 different species (eg, TAG 54:0) or subspecies (eg, PC 18:0_16:0), totaling more than 2,300 lipid species. We also offer a wide range of sample analysis services for cells, microbes, tissues and organs, and require very small samples per analysis.

        The "machine gun" high-throughput lipid measurement technology eliminates the need for time-consuming chromatographic separation of lipids prior to analysis, but takes advantage of sophisticated mass spectrometry combined with automated extraction of samples, processing, and data analysis. So our standardized analysis platform can analyze hundreds of samples in a single day, providing a faster and more comprehensive analysis report.

        We use lipid class-specific internal standards to achieve absolute quantification, so we can quantify a single lipid by mass spectrometry. Therefore, the amount of lipid expression we provide is an absolute rather than a relative value, which will greatly assist the comparison between different samples or different experimental groups.